. . . . . Q U I X O T I C

Thursday September 9th, 1999 9pm - on

can you believe it?
some of us have braved the dust and heat
60 mph winds

we burned a dysfunctional man

some of us did even crazier things that that.

and now we have exited home
from this romantic journey
this is our eternal return.

welcoming us back will be the
experimental ambient jungle sounds and
atmospheric deep grooves from Tone Pharaoh
with guest appearances by T-Minus-9
mixing in exotic analogue synthiotics, and UBO
layering in shamanistic mysterious sampling textures.

also there will be a special guest, Organalogic,
featuring Nicholas Van Egten with
experimental beats from the "illbient" streets of
Williamsburg-Brooklyn, NY.

there of course will be other cool and random stuff to create.

bring yourself and your desert vibe to share.


  z o n e s