. . . . . P O E T I C
Thursday July 29th, 1999

quietly, she said
into the microphone
and then followed images
of cities and dreams
of loves being built
and then lost
a myriad of voices
twining through the open space.
other vices
were given voice
privately and even more quietly
like an oracle doled out to passing
survivors of the previous onslaught.
the voice
many voices
and contained
at least a thousand universes.

many thanks to beverly who helped pull down the 150 or so poems from
the net and kevin whose poetical oracle based on the work of Nicolas
Trophe consecrated the back space. many many thanks to everyone who
got up and read and improvised and slathered the space with their voice
and their words and the words of others. and since it was probably
more than have of the people at the zone, I won't try to remember it
all except in that mad rush of fond recall that I will simply keep to
a short missive this time as sweet as the whole experience of the last
next time, we will have gone to the desert and then returned, and for
each journey filled with wanderlust there will be safe haven. dwight
loop and tone pharoah will construct an oasis worthy of a Bedouin, a
safe return from a Quixotic journey on September 9th. Q is for Quixotic.

  z o n e s