. . . . . L U S T

Thursday February 11, 1999 9pm - on

lust-the very idea
anxiety, gardens
everything dusky but the hour
neighborhood's outside your door
your riding habit's on the floor
thunderstorm in the mirror
ceiling is covered with rust
rope will burn your hands
our teeth are covered in dust
your misery, your redwoods
your eyes are like the bodies of young children
the fresh buds and their luster
cluster in the loveliest rot
and gnashing, curly lashes
sparkling, sparking mounds, villages
nothing like thirst, nothing like the first time
light beams in rusty places
lust-the very idea
no casamento da raposa
no porta do hotel da boa comida
minha vida esse luxo
eu viva na luxuria


-the ambitious lovers

p o s t L U S T


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