. . . . . C O M M U N I T Y

no doubt that the concept of the Abstrakt Zone is starting to sink into the nether reaches of the cranium, and it is here that I expound a bit on a subtle point within the manifesto.

the last thing I want is the AZ to be something that 'I' did; it is something that a community does, in a not dissimilar way the burning man conjures itself each year.

having said that, what I am interested in is collaboration for the next 25 happenings, so if any one out there have an idea or concept and will run with it, lets talk.

so far there has been interest in 'E' possibly 'D' and unfortunately those who going to do 'C' are not going to be around and is now available. 'B' as in BELLS, will be happening on December 18.

p o s t a l p h a

 z o n e s