P O S T. . . . . A L P H A

well, thanks to all who came and participated in the 'zone. it was really cool, good vibes, and some nice deep connections.

I was thinking this morning (must be the absinthe...) about how and why things begin; there is something counterintuitive to the idea, that is, the universe is spiralling towards entropy and chaos, yet new things are always arising from the craziness of it all. now I'm sure mr. pesce would have some choice words here, but what really interests me, isn't when things start, but when the additive chaos becomes so agitated that a paradigm shift is not far behind. for example the spelling out of the manifesto (the wacky list of numbers upon my walls...) there was a point last night when the act of translating numbers for letters started to run down and the sense that there was meaning associated with the strings of seemingly random characters caused the energy of the party to change, the 'rules' (your letter/my letter) were dissolved and all of a sudden an idea formed from the chaos and a greater energy was released. from chaos to order, and soon, back to chaos again.

it's quite a beautiful idea, really.

for those who didn't make it or had to leave early (and for those who thought it was tonight....) I hereby summit the manifesto of the abstrakt zone, conjured and born on the night of alpha, november 6, 1997.



Where as this land is filled with creative and passionate souls, and there is a desire for these souls to gravitate and spiral toward each other, a temporal and physical environment is necessary to foster creative and philosophical critical mass.

Where as blow-out bashes spread out over the concrete floor of home/ studio/ space, becoming subtractive experiences, sucking up more energy than propagating, the index of additive salon-type realities within autonomous Abstrakt Zones, that arise periodically, say every six weeks or so, can create more energy than it dissipates.

Where as the millennium is less that an eye-blink away, the overt practice within the zone is to get down with getting down, and to create the aggregate experience that is the Tai Chi of all possibilities. Group think, interactive reality and other non virtual morsels will feed us, and make us want more.

The Abstrakt Zone is open to all movements and ideas. We will incubate them, nurture them and release them to all willing participants.

The Abstrakt Zone is the dream theater, the exquisite corpse, the midnight serenade, and lovely buildings crumbling at the end of time. To live in the Abstrakt Zone is to live in creative possibility.

The Abstrakt Zone is A to Z, twenty-six iterations. next one: BELLS

- - -
z o n e s