P O S T . . . . . K R A K !
12. 31. 98..........99


it has taken some time to send this note as it has not been clear when
I would have a calm moment since the wild feather slogging fest of new
years. I am writing this from a hotel room overlooking the leblon
beach in rio de janerio and tomorrow I will start work on a project
that will afford more time in a recording studio than the beach. it is
summer here and humid (like NYC august humidity, which is a bit of a
shock as a few days ago I was huddling by the fire.)

but enough about the lovely fact that the southern hemisphere has the
opposite seasons than the north.

the zone. once again, the call went out and was answered. the
musicians: karma (bells, cymbals, long horn, clarinet, coronet and I'm
sure a few things I didn't catch), tim (traps and percussion), paul
(prepared piano), elliot (guitar), david (soprano sax), jim (samples
and who knows what) and matt (scratches) all of whom cooked up a
delicious underground groove that pushed us up to the barrier of last
year and propelled us solidly into this one. (a note: this was the
first time this group even met each other...) also thanks to sigi,
victoria and maria
for making the balloon a reality and to mario who
showed up with a cross bow. ok, so for those who weren't there and
don't know what I am talking about, it's this: at the stroke of
midnight mario fired a crossbow at an inflated weather balloon that was
hung from the ceiling. inside the balloon was a grand volume of
feathers that victoria spent an hour stuffing into it (and I'm well
sure she won't ever do that again...). at that new years moment, there
was a pop, and then a shower of white and it was snowing inside the
. a cheer went up and the party simply exploded.
the inspiration for the balloon came from an art exhibition that sigi
torinus and andrea sunder-plassmann
mounted at gallery 16 (and
elsewhere globally) called browsing beauty. check out their really
cool web site for more info sigi.cc and sunderplassmann.de
so the really cool thing about new years eve, it is the one consistent
moment in our lives that we get to witness time collapse: the last year
becomes encapsulated in an instant, we feel it's weight that we are
about to sluff off, and simultaneously we stare down the barrel of the
next with all it's possibilities. and then in a moment, we molt off
last year's battered skin and put on that shiny new future. I love
that, this embracing of all of our hopes and dreams where everything
seems more than possible: falling in love, seeing the world, doing good
work, giving and receiving gifts and an all around getting down with
getting down. a few people asked if I got my bike back, I said 'no, I
got this instead' gesturing out into the room filled with feather
covered dancing souls.

at the end of the evening I remarked that the floor looked like flying
above clouds on a moonlit night
. and last night I knew it was true, as
I was simultaneously home and yet traveling very far away.
next time the zone erupts just prior to valentine's day, so how about L
for 'lust'. anyone got any ideas, any lustful ideas?


z o n e s