. . . . . Z E N I T H

Thursday February 24, 2000

well, I started to write this in the last century and somehow I keep
putting off the act of hammering in the final nail. so here it is.
I've been doing a lot of thinking about the abstrakt zone, how so much of my immediate life was encompassed in it's movements and now that it is gone, it is so easy to be whistful, almost physically romantic, like each event was some immense tryst, some overly intense love affair that I found myself in and it's passing is both a relief and a sadness. and in the way that I am fond of the memories of my old lovers, I am of the zone.

and as at the end of the affair, the question of what next always
arises. what next indeed.

so about that last one:
ok the first thing I have to say is there won't be a party in six
weeks...there it's done, the spell has been broken, the abstrakt zone
has been completed...well sort of:

I encourage anyone who can, to send me their thoughts upon the zone,
comments, photographs, anything about the last three wacky years, as I would like to make as many voices part of the documentation at
http://www.abstrakt-zone.com. this a bona fide community thang and I
want to make sure it is remembered properly.

the last zone: exultant in every way, house party as theme camp, it was as close to burning man as I can imagine as there was so much going on I simply couldn't take it all in. thanks to june and pi (who's
birthday was the day after the zone) who helped make this place
suitable for zonal excess, to manual who showed early, not really
knowing what the whole thing was about and jumping right in, to sigi,
long time collaborator and muse (as well as webmistress) for her piece
'nadir'(video chairs and projection, see: sigi.cc
to kiki and scott for the fire fall, it has grown much from the days of
'mmmmm' (more info at burningideas.com/~firefall/, to spot
for the cool ass video digital show, to warren for the like (which of
course I didn't see, someone came up to me 'have you seen...it's just
like mescaline...) to the other fountain guy, who had glow in the dark
bits, to capacitor for the artful fire dancing (again missed), the east
bay chasers
: the band in the back (was I on drugs? they were breaking down when I finally made it over there and was I wondering what the commotion was about...) to karma and felix for banging on the drum, keeping it alive, to ronan for sweet late night dj musings, jules and chris for slide projections and a big thanks to shauna, fire dancer
extraordinaire, who made me die and go to one of my parties, there is
no way I could top this experience; it was the zenith. a small picture
here, shauna in complete control of her flaming orbs (swinging
gracefully only inches away from the assembled crew) and she beckons me forward into her circle, flames now behind and to the side of me and
she say 'hold still' and I respond, "I feel great', because I I hear
'how do you feel?' and we go back and forth like that a few times and
then she wacks me on the calf and I freeze, finally in sync for what
she asks. there are photographs of this and at some point they will be
posted on the web...

what next? good question. there will be something, perhaps an excuse
to spin.

thanks to everybody who thanked me,
who participated,
who helped make this creative mess,
this lovely excess.

everybody who brought the vibe,
who kept it alive,
and who made it survive.

the abstrakt zone is my love letter to you..

z o n e s