. . . . .V O Y E U R

Thursday April 6, 2000


all this stuff makes me happy. all this crazy, out on the limb,
sultry, bumping into each other because what is in front of us is so
damn interesting we just have to just stop talking and watch. oop,
sorry I got distracted there, the big screen gyrating with multivalent
images: man ray, teseu the iron man, body's in motion, art and
artifice, what more could you want. from the new dj rig perch, up in
the hammock loft, I could voyeuristically take in the whole scene.
but first some thanks you's. to steve pi, the newest inhabitant of the
zone,who moved in april 1st, and had the massive task of stowing the
accumulated stuff of his life in time for last thursday's event. to
fionia, steve's friend, who was there early on to help setup, to june,
also an early (and late) bird, who flooded the space with her long
legged hawaiian warmth by being the candle mistress and whose red honda helped out immensely getting all the pieces assembled in time. the biggest thanks to lauren and by extension her husband, philippe, who I actually believe does not exist. after all how does an artist show his (her, as I really think lauren did them herself) work and arrange a
brilliant showing of about thirty small round canvases each depicting
some voyeuristic tableaux through a key hole: a nun spanking a girl, a
man starting to undress a woman, several others in various states of
undress, each image a complete story, the seemingly visual spark of a
hundred annis nin musings. the list goes on: to chris, who randomly
showed up with the best video projector that I have ever seen, I mean
16 feet of clean and clear digital image with nary a pixel in sight.
a friend of mine, another cinema geek like myself, said that it looked
like film. (of course chris showing to the zone with that thing in
tow, epitomizes how truly cool these events can be.) to clay who
showed up with his video mixing rig, but didn't have the opportunity to
actually plug in, thanks for lugging clay, we'll have a chance to play
later. to the guys in the rear for the great art and hip hop happening
dj who got the back jumping.
biggest thanks to the film makers. ok what was seen? it's like this:
teseu the iron man overlaid with a 16mm scroleosis ephemeral film
(educational films from the 50's and 60's): bizarre psycho
bio-mechanical machinations
with how to tell how if your spine is
straight or not, man ray overlaid with some birds and the bee's
educational thing
, babies and young animals prancing around up the
beautifully shrouded breasts of man rays models (thanks jay for both
juxtapositions, you are obviously an artist of the highest caliber)
then to jay's film recursions, multiple layered images hand manipulated
and colored on 16mm, I've seen this film a few times and it never
ceases to blow me away, on to a simple love story, by joshua, my home boy from charleston, NC via rio de jarnero, his images, stark icons of male and female dancing in the ephemerata of boy meets girl
epiphanically climaxing to the connection, otherwise known as getting together, then to the taxi film, by I have no idea who, he just showed up and it was the perfect voyeuristic film of a images taken from a cabbie's surveillance camera, the cabbie himself an active participant in the image, screaming and laughing at the fares, then on to flecher's 35 year old home movie cum art film, you just gotta love images as old (or in this case) older than you, a child dancing to jungle drums, adults darkly dressed in shades of kissenger and other image
manipulations what a cool thing was this time capsule of a man's life
and family of so long ago, and finally kevin's documentation of last
year's santa's rampage, lots and lots of cute boys and girls making
their way though downtown san francisco all dressed up in red coats and
bad beards, a pretty goofy scene that one.

as for the rest? the winnabago people ended up in santa cruz watching
themselves win at the price is right
, hopped up an various fun things
no doubt and mark pesce simple fell off the face of the earth, call
home fish boy. and the next zone, well, I haven't come up with
anything truly compelling for W, so email any ideas here for any
wonderful and wild wonderment. the next zone wanders in on wonton
wonderlust on May 18th.

z o n e s