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Thursday May 6, 1999


another fantastic expression and a sweet succulent slather of creative acts. thank you, again, to all who came and did their thing, to roger and lj for the 3d visual magic, to mathew for lending the video screen and matt for helping to hang it, to fred for the projector, it definitely would have been a lesser experience if you didn't have the trust, to the guys in the back for the paintings, to tony for the mandala (more from him later) to cate who brought things big and small (thirty red roses from her grand father for her birthday, (happy birthday cate) and the chair, the very big chair...it's a pleasure to have it here, and you may not get it back, heh...) and a very big thank you to the foundry, alex and christian, who's video dance work, salt flat pieces, was an amazing thing to see here. thank you, it is an honor to have you come to the zone (especially since you performed in the city earlier that night...)

the theme was nothing. this is the universal metaphor a priori of the creative act.

from nothing comes everything. I am constantly amazed how this space can be transformed by the generous souls who come and live in the zone. it is the empty space filled. of course film has that quality: overlaying the empty room, out of darkness, light then knowledge. we are memorized at the rate of 24 frames a second. and also dance. where a body moves in space, as we all do naturally without thinking, and yet it becomes transformed as we focus upon the performer's gesture, that movement, either simple or complex, either mundane or virtuositic, takes on metaphorical life, like notes from an instrument, words in a poem, meaning is creating through physical linkages in a complex series.

last night I was thinking that viewing dance is pretty much an hallucinogenic experience: the imagery stretched the organism, as usually the viewer can not take in all that is in fount of it, this animated sculpture, creating matrixes of lines, light, sound and meaning, it is received kinesthetically by the whole body, it washes over the viewer in a wave that can only be experienced in the moment and thought about later: the view becomes an equal participant with the dancer and we share in the hallucination.

I'd say we were definitely tripping in the desert with salt flat pieces.

the zone is growing (as it should) and even the planets are getting in to the act:
my horoscope from last thursday said this (from http://stars.metawire.com):

ARTISTS, musicians, designers and writers don't hold the monopoly on creative energy. We all have the ability to make something out of nothing or to breathe new life and hope into a dull set of circumstances. Whenever we feel joyous, excited, inspired or fired with a vision of how things could be, we are summoning a special spirit. This is a spirit that changes lives, opens doors, alters perspectives, breaks down barriers and overcomes obstacles.

well that is about the best description I could come up with for why the zone exists. I hope that every six weeks we continue to be inspired, and that we break down barriers. we have been extremely successful at that, and it will continue for another eleven stops.

stay tuned for the next abstrakt planetary alignment on june 17th.

'O' is for OBSESSIONS...


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