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Thursday March 25th, 1999

another sublime experience has befallen us and like the wonderful virus that it is, zonal trajectories are now being expressed: much thanks to gilad and crew for the virtuositic spinning, cutting, matching, latching, transforming displays of vinylistic joy inspiring serious getting down and ass shaking; to paul nathan, magic man, who responded to a phone call and the slightest description of what happens in the zone (thanks to spoonman and supergigi for the lead); to kiki who showed up with her firefall sculpture thing, holding court in the back yard, captivating us with the all consuming and mesmerizing fire; to karma for the exuberant drumming, to eliot for the ecstatic guitar playing, to dave for the sinuous saxophone, and to robin, who's artwork was taller than the space itself; to the artists in the back for their vivid displays and, oh yeah to uncle matt for the chocolate treats. there was much to mmmm about.

a pattern here perhaps?

the list of people that I thank gets longer every time which means more and more people are returning to contribute and that the word has started to get out for real. thus at the half way point in this wacky dream, the zone is fulfilling it's promise of becoming a communitairian nexus. I ran into someone last night at another party who had been to several of the zones, and he was remarking upon how this was a different sort of scene that he had experienced elsewhere, how somehow each event was related and very much different. that is what it is all about: to find as many different ways to manufacture expressions, to explore, to tap and to improvise. as we move into the second half, I hope the momentum continues and that anyone who is reading this that might have an idea, a glimmer, a thought of some exploration, please contact me: let's make this thing grow, let's give it a real history and lineage.


as we build into the future, growing branches and tributaries for new ideas, let's not forget that the zone is built upon a foundation of altruistic tenancies. paul nathan embodies that: he's the real deal. almost literally out of the web-work he came and did his thing with humor, heart and soul. his performance was a real treat, fire twirling (yes, fire, always a good thing), dancing and his really funny and amazing standup magic thing. at one moment there was a sort of sublime segue of eric roswell scratching, karma banging upon hanging aluminum pipes (from harmonic) and paul juggling flaming batons. a very sweet moment this one. checkout paul's website if you want to know more about what he does.

so onward into the second half:

N is for Nothing, from it, everything begins (again).

z o n e s