P O S T . . . . . J O K E R

Thursday November 19, 1998

what a weird and eclectic night. first off big thanks to steve and reed who arranged the art happening in the back. what really out there stuff: photos, paintings, and the cars: I'd never seen anything like that hand painted vintage ford all done up in metallic tattoo flash. also big thanks to the girls of ultra gypsy who came out of the blue to writhe and wriggle so deliciously, karma who called at 8:30, 'I'm bringing the horn!', to ed holmes and michael peppe who staked out the stage for strategic verbal warfare, and indeed every body who got up told jokes, stories, poems, and sang, it was all pretty out there. oh yeah, and to jory's ephemeral films chittering along through the night. major high light: an extended jam with myself spinning, the belly dancers and karma: this is the shit you live for.

and now for the first time I mention a major bummer: someone decided to 'borrow' my much tweaked and very custom bicycle. I'll say this loud so if anybody sees it out there, perhaps it may come home. IT IS A CANNODALE T1200 TOURING BICYCLE, BLACK, WITH A ROAD RACK, AND VERY CUSTOM HANDLE BARS (chopped upside down bars with shifters at the end and brake levers below.) if you see any one riding this bike call me at 510.654.3654 and if you can, approach them and say 'you fuck, that ain't your bike.'

the philosophical take: well it's hard not to feel sorta stupid, that is I open my house up every six weeks, I suspect that something would happen at some point, well yes I guess, though I do have a belief that a vast majority of people have good hearts and the even after thirty or so events over the last 6 years, this will be the first major theft. also I suppose it slightly taints the mission of the zone which is based on an altruistic ideal of having a place for people to show up to do their thing, to gather, to groove, so much cool shit has happened in the last year that in no way do I want it to stop. but it does put a damper on it.

a small attribution to the eclecticism of the crowd last night goes to the 5000 cards that were made up to promote the artists in the back. now I never planned the zone to be so 'above ground' and when I heard about the cards I was slightly trepidatious, because a punk rock kid from out gilman way, who grabs a card at ameba and sez's 'looks like a cool show,' has no idea what's been built, what vibe has been maintained and all the rest: the donated time, ideas and resources to make this happen every six weeks and it's a dis to every one who has helped out so generously. so will the zone continue? sure; will it grow? I bet; will more things get 'lost?' I certainly hope not.

next time I hope to convince tim north to resurrect the hoverdrum, oh yeah it just happens to be NEW YEAR'S EVE (I didn't plan that, it just fell that way, really!)

K is for KRAK! as in a big percussive noise.

the next zone? KRAK, New Year's!!!

z o n e s