P O S T . . . . . I L L U M I N A T I O N

what a cool little event this one: out of the woodwork comes roger nelson and his mad crew of illuminati setting up a small laser star field, a table of random lit plastic LED things, and one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time, the reflective filament with black light kinetic sculpture thing (so low tech this one, it almost hurts), and sigi and andrea, artistes exquisitely peppering the space with evocative images and diagrams (line drawings of the sun and the moon cast upon the west wall filtered by the warm light of koystia's home made beaker sculpture.) also thanks to gorden's santa fe paper candles, cool little objects they were, festive even and perpetual thanks to karma moffett's metal bowl, Tibetan horn, tabla, trumpet one man band scanning across the zone's audio horizon.

funny now that the zone how become such a personal touchstone, and it surprises me mostly by it's consistency, the bass-line chill vibe that always manages to wrench me from my work life exhaustion. it has become one of the nicest gifts that I am able to give myself (and to others, I mean what would the abstrakt zone be without, you know, people...just a room full of candles, and though it would be nice to look at, it is the cool vibe of all those who participate, who make it happen, by just showing up and sometimes more. of course given all that, I am still looking for those who want to take a greater roll and inhabit a letter.)

so back to the cool filament sculpture thing for a moment: here, at the edge of the room the three dimensional illusion that shows the limit of the persistence of vision, how we see not the 3 dimensional smooth aura of the spinning filament, but a rapid, pulsing striations that appear at the rate exactly as the rods and cones of our eyes pulse to catch up to where glowing filament is and then is not, in darkness. the truly cool part about it is that by the time we register where the filament is, it has already moved on, we see it pass and it's simultaneously there and not there.

it makes me think that we've actually missed the boat a little bit in the binary definition of world that we've become accustomed to, that is we are all comfortable with the state of 'zero' and of 'one' but what of the instant where it is neither and both as it flips. this is the line where shadow and light meet and fuse and our understanding of that place, that wonderful infinitesimal space where all things seem to exist, or not. it is the movement between these states that gives us life. we fall in and out of love, we move from place to place and sometimes we are accompanied by great energy and others by great rest. it is the dynamics, the exchange of energy from high to low and back again that causes interest, excitement and dare I say it, health. it is the embodiment of the I Ching as we experience the one true constant: change.

ok then, on to the next of the changing face of the abstrakt zone:

'j' is for joker (dust off the off-color quips, the humorous stories and other tomes of misadventure that will make up laugh, the mic is open for business.)

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