P O S T . . . . . H A R M O N I C


it has taken me longer then usual to conjure my tome of thanks; perhaps
it is readjusting to my home after so much time away or the constant
grind of things to do, places to go and other sundry distractions. or
perhaps it is the number of things that have happened to me as of late,
and all this has been difficult to process and integrate.

so for that, a big thanks to glendon for his fine sculpted chimes that
graced my home with wonderfully bizarre upper harmonics floating into
the rafters, entangling our old friend karma moffett's improvisations
on harp, bowls, long horn, guitar and voice. also to jocelyn, whom I
didn't know before thursday, who called about the zone earlier in the
day and by evening filled the space with her abstrakt visual poetry.
less an event than a playground, this zone was a cool reworking of the
sandbox and I really enjoyed (like usual) the warmth and the play among
old and new friends. I was thinking that for the last five months I'd
come home for the 'zone and how wonderful it has been to consistently
fill my space with such warmth and connection. and now that I am home
for a while, this glowing reminder of cheer and of family is as much of
a gift that I can give myself.

I think part of my attraction to the 'zone is it's ability to integrate
different parts of my life and my community
. the artists that hang
their art in the back, the neighbors wandering in, those whom I have
worked with, the spiral, my family and all friends both old and new
come together and integrate splintered aspects of my life. and perhaps
this is part of the release that we all periodically need, for there
seems to be a constant tension for the desires of consistency and
commitment and for freedom. it has become clear to me that too much
any one thing, be it work, sleep or even love (ok perhaps not love,
especially in it's most resplendent forms) can not always be good
thing. and perhaps the way to moderate these things to periodically
break their patterns upon our lives with other extreme experiences. we
have always seen those who work hard, play hard and somehow, they seem
better for it. and with that, the 'zone has been the tonic for all my
out of town work wonderings and my homecoming to this space is a
greater gift than any material object I could conceive

the night before the zone, I was flying back from new york, and to the
north there was a band of shimmering light. this must have been the
aroara borealis is and below, flittering and sputtering in a constant
action/reaction was lighting, shocking the darkens with a supernatural
rapidity. it's nice to know that I can still see and experience things
that surprise and delight me; this is why I go to burning man, this why
every six weeks I open my house to what ever comes in. we are through
one third of the zones as there will be only twenty six in total. so
it's now time to take it to the next level. time for stepping up;
would you dare to take on a letter and run with it? I've never
considered the AZ to be a personal project, but rather the spawn of
this loose community. so who wants a letter, who wants to contribute?
the next one is called illumination, who wants to come walk in the light?


z o n e s