P O S T . . . . . G L A D I A T O R
July 16, 1998


Gladiator, the most chilled zone yet, sort of...(where did all the really loud motorcycles come from?) thanks to all who came out and had some charred flesh and finally drank some of the overly peppered vodka (did it mellow or did we all get braver...) a very big thanks to britt and his merry bunch of motorized freaks, who said you couldn't love a machine (or a wet dolls head for that matter)

anyway back down into the land of the angels and in fact was sort of relieved that last night revels were as chilled as the flame was filled with physical ecstasy prior. you see, a number people remarked how tired I looked, and yes it's pretty true: months of work toil are showing now and true relief is not for another eight weeks or so. also quite a few remarked on the fact that I flew up from LA to 'throw' the party and how 'most people wouldn't do it.' well ok. the zone is more than just a party at my place every six weeks... it's some weird self generating art project with the added benefit of rejuvenation...the fountain of youth as a party, well sort of. look at this way, you can be trapped in spaces that allow no time to breathe, to see the stars or gander out over the flowers, and in these confined spaces friendships play out over the phone, through email, and breath and intimacy and touch and real time conversation seem to be figments of an overtired imagination.

so throw a party damnit, get drunk, play with your friends and make it a priority, make it art, do it consistently. do I feel younger today, no not really, but I am more chilled out about what has to be done and even though I have had less sleep last night, I feel as strong and centered as I have in a long while. so would I trade all this work stress for not having the zone, nope. if ya gonna do it baby, then do it for real...

until next time, August 28th, for Harmonic...


z o n e s