P O S T . . . . . F L A M E


Thursday June 4, 1998 

I am happy today.

it is from the cool lingering that comes with the remembrance of last night's fading embers. to me, I was more than transported back to the desert, more than wrapped in the fine gritty beauty that many of us have called home (and for the rest of the time we are travelers waiting to return.) I for a brief moment really was there.

I write this above the clouds, jetting back to the overly intense world of work, and fall into this lucid dream:

there was a physical ecstasy, yes, the fire, oh yes (in more ways than one, sorry if the peppered vodka was more like a battery acid than cocktail, but hey by the next 'zone it might mellow some - or get diluted...) and so what if I was drinking a flaming driver with an absinthe chaser (yeah sure, I don't feel it today...) and was accused more than once of slurring my words (thanks texter - didn't think I'd remember huh...)



ok, so what of this fiery ecstasy? here it is: guitar as percussion, radio noise channeling late night spirit TV, karma moffet long horn bellows above all, sacred drummers with cigs hanging out of mouths, iggy pop's on a djembe, x's and spirals burning on the floor, you know, like in the middle of my living room, and scott and ethan's ecstatic call via extended frequencies dancing and twisting around us.

music as a time machine, performance as an awakener of sacred realities.

I think I write just about the same response after every 'zone, that is how truly important that this stuff happens, and perhaps it maybe a bit selfish on my part (I do try to communicate what I get out of this stuff, though as much as I try I find that words, they are a very poor substitute for the emotional trajectory of my time in the 'zone) I do keep coming back to the connections made, the experiences shared and the true priceless nature of transitory enriching experiences. last night, standing out on the street, talking to some old and new friends, we arrive at the idea that one of the best things that human beings can do for others is to make connections. I think about who introduced me to whom, about a neighbor wandering into the party, and hooking up with other like minded freaks (on his oakland/emeryville street no less, dragging his roommate along, dig in hand, ends up blowing away with karma, etc.) and this is how a greater and true community is formed; now what's really cool about that, is this is not what I would consider a homogeneous group of people, there are as many people who are alike on this list, shimmering through the 'zone, than are different. and for me that is a perfectly fine reason to have a party...

so what does all this mean, perhaps nothing, yet again, does it really matter that it has a specific set of ideas attached? does it have to explained? no, I think not, just let it happen, don't control it and have big fun.

the next zone will be in six weeks, GLADIATOR, bring your own christen, lion, or slab of meat, weapons will be provided...

z o n e s