P O S T . . . . . D O L C E

March 12, 1998

once again the zone was visited by some great spirit, some really, really nice stuff happened last night, and even today I am at sort of a loss to even understand what it was. the zone is a sort of an alchemical space, and it's not always clear to me what lovely things will come out the ingredients of passion, sweat and a general sense of willfulness to open our hearts, our minds and our butts to the shaken (not stirred) groove.

and what a groove: paul, palmer, guy, shamou, gilad and especially phil who provided cerebral and chakric rearrangement that is still floating around in the space like a fine musical perfume. thanks also to eyetribe for the visuals and the whole back room scene for art, noise and booze.

for me last night was about negotiating the fine lines between technology and humanity, does it run us or do we run it? there were moments where perhaps we were overwhelmed by our tools and at other times there was synergistic link between the technology and the heart.

and this morning, I am not struck so much by the experiment, it's success or it failure, but so much how necessary this all is in the first place. the zone is an education in perspective: as most of you know, I do sound for film, and yesterday at the crack of dawn I flew to los angeles for a job interview, and in classic whirlwind hollywierd style the meeting lasted about five minutes. I was back home at 1 pm. all that energy for five minutes...and last night all that energy for weeks and weeks of personal payback. this is what I mean by an additive experience for what I get out of the zone personally is, for the time of the party, to swim in the warm waters of friendship (thanks paul) and connection with all those who have been pulled into the zone's vortex for first time and to those who keep returning. and afterwards, for the weeks to come I can wrap myself in this space: both physical and head and bask in it's radiant heat. thanks all. next one: EVE

z o n e s