P O S T . . . . . C R U N C H

January 29, 1998

perhaps crunch wasn't correct name, as 'connection' seemed much more apropos. old friends, and some new friends arrived last night and somehow everybody seemed to know everybody else, and somewhere there were other new connections being made right and left and up and down. most amazing to me were the names and faces that dredged themselves out of the past and became front and center. sometimes life can have such beautiful continuity.

and what about the dude that did the exquisite corpse drawings (a friend of sharon's who came, read the manifesto and then asked for paper and pens...)

the fortune cookies were universally dead on (I can't remember the last time I actually had a fortune cookie that 'worked.') of course mine was about having great and loyal friends...yup, that much is true.

a number of people remarked how the absinthe tasted like window cleaner, well my windows are cleaner today than last night and oh boy, to me that was the best working cleaning product that I have ever imbibed.

big thank you's to sharon who did the big food thing, and absinthia for the window cleaner and ronan and lior for making us spin...and again to karma who continued the bell vibe with big drums, oh yeah thanks for jonathan who showed up early (from seattle) and lit all the candles.

the next zone will convene in 6 weeks, when paul godwin will present dolce

p.s. some one left seven (seven!) rings by the drums

z o n e s